Beauty Blooms Farm

local & naturally grown food & flowers

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you,

you are restoring your own soul."

~Alice Walker~


Naturally Grown

Culturally Important

Beauty Blooms Farm was founded in 2020 and located in Montgomery County, MD.

We are a small diversified food & flower farm, with a focus on African heritage crops grown with low-till, regenerative, natural methods. This means we don't spray any synthetic chemicals on crops we grow and minimize turning of the soil. All crops on the grown are seeded and grown by hand to maintain soil health and environmental sustainability.

Some vegetables & flowers we grow include: white garden egg, african cayenne pepper, plate de haiti tomato, chinsaga, green striped cushaw squash, gomphrena, celosia, and sunflower.

*~beauty & bounty for the body & soul~*